Day 9: time bomb

My writing skills are tapped out today. After such a busy week/weekend, and a hot bath, I'm sorta ready to call it a night so I can catch up with my brains. I'm pretty stoked that I got everything done so quickly, but of course there is a lot of anxiety to follow the high that I just managed to coast through without too much fuss.

I got my resume printed and ready to go, and my website is all up to date. It seems weird to not feel like time is pressing on me, other than the stress of wondering if I'll find a new job before my current position is up.. OR where I'll end up, if I'll be happy with what I get, if I'll fit in where I go, if I'll be in this city for much longer, OR how happy I'll be to never have to do another newsletter in my lifetime, if I have nice clothes for an interview, or if the work I've posted is good enough to land me a career in the industry, or if my experience is far too lacking to even make it anywhere BUT design, or if my drawing skills need more work to get noticed, or if I'm leaving behind something that is actually really good, or if I'm fucking up my entire future,  OR if I'm being totally ridiculous, or if it's just a blast of anticipatory anxiety....

It's going to work out. Time to call it a night, and just chill.

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